Beyond Technology: Technology Business Management in a Complex Cloud Environment


A critical component of managing IT spend with Technology Business Management (TBM) is Apptio’s world-class TBM technology, but the potential for transformation doesn’t depend on technology alone. The practice of TBM helps enterprises draw clear lines from their technology investments to their business impacts—an exercise that is especially valuable in an increasingly complex cloud environment.

ISG’s approach to TBM incorporates multiple dimensions. Beyond technology, it includes people, process, strategy, data and analytics. The technology dimension provides a platform for data analysis to give enterprises a way to address their concerns about “dirty data”—large stores of sometimes unstructured data from multiple sources. This is where a data maturity assessment process can highlight areas for improvement. Validation techniques that are resilient to change and drive continuous improvement in data quality can help build a framework for both TBM and cloud initiatives.

Beyond internal data, enterprises that integrate automated benchmarking into their TBM transformation process are gaining a new level of cost transparency that is often missing from IT cost-and-benefit analyses. Benchmarks shine a light on the market so you can see how you compare with your peers, whether you’re spending too much or too little on IT initiatives and what real value you are getting from your investments.

The combination of Apptio’s world-class technology and ISG’s multi-dimensional approach to TBM helps inform business decisions in a way that has not been possible before. Join Stanton Jones, Emerging Technology Analyst at ISG, and me to discuss how TBM can help with data analytics and cloud strategy on November 18 at 1 pm ET for a one-hour webinar. You can register here.

About the author

Alex-Paul works closely with enterprise leaders, IT finance managers and IT business unit leaders to help implement the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) into their organizations and optimize their enterprise IT. He advises both commercial and public sector organizations on the adoption of TBM programs, designs fact-based analytical strategies and supports broader IT transformation initiatives. His development of a strategic TBM multi-dimensional framework addressing people, process, data, analytics, technology and strategy is part of ISG’s industry-leading set of market best practices and methodologies. His thought leadership has been featured in CIO Review, MiddleMarket Executive and the TBM Council’s book The Four Value Conversations CIOs Must Have with Their Businesses.