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Transform to Operational Success 

Citizen demands, expense and budgetary controls, an aging workforce, and cybersecurity risks are driving significant technology-led change in the public sector. Organizations are shifting to the cloud and digital operating models to enhance and secure service. The need to evolve with the pace of technology has been made more acute as governments have shifted to work-from-anywhere operating environments. ISG works with public sector agencies of all sizes to enable these transformations. We understand the unique challenge government’s face applying technology to the range of services in their portfolio. 

Government Transformation

ISG helps public sector clients transform operations through research, benchmarking and consulting. We can help you:

  • Create the case for change for your digital transformation
  • Guide acquisition of cloud-based software and implementation services
  • Get real-time IT price benchmarking to ensure your IT services are price competitive
  • Staff and manage IT providers, projects and transformation initiatives 
  • Optimize costs
  • Achieve IT operational excellence and data analytics
  • Manage the organizational change inherent in technology adoption
  • Conduct contract audit, design, source, configure, deploy and manage next-generation network technology
  • Transform your workplace by ensuring optimal selection, deployment and change management for automation
  • Implement your chosen sourcing strategy and transition to a solution provider with a structured and systematic approach

Redirect Costs 

Is a limited budget preventing you from improving critical services?

You need to eliminate process inefficiencies and reduce costs in a sustainable way. Through our process assessments and operations reviews, we help you identify, design and implement suitable candidates for automation and work with you to discover the best way to train and repurpose talent and increase efficiencies. You can reinvest the saved dollars in other projects and bolster service delivery to your citizens.

Modernize Your Technology

You need state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other critical software systems to enable your workforce and serve your constituents. How do you acquire best-in-class software?

As a business partner with expertise in the full cycle of ERP and software advisory, we can support your efforts, from sourcing to implementation to post-deployment and value realization. You need to successfully match your business needs with a software package’s capability so you can improve business operations and reduce risks. ISG brings procurement experience, sourcing expertise, best-in-class methodology and insightful market data to help you assess, source, implement and manage your ERP software.

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