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Proactively Manage Third Parties to Reduce Risk & Spend

On average, companies fail to track 75% of deliverables and obligations due to ineffective contract management. Learn how this global telecommunications and technology company leveraged ISG’s third-party management tool, ISG GovernX®, to monitor risk and performance, govern contracts, and achieve transparency and savings.

Innovate, Create Value and Accelerate Growth

Change in the communications, media and technology industries happens fast. The experts at ISG can create a global IT and business process architecture to ensure you maintain that fast pace. Are you considering investing in AI, augmented reality and experiential marketing tech? We can advise you. 

Leverage our expertise to optimize your sourcing strategy with cloud computing and software-as-a-service business models and make the most of the latest social network platforms. With our state-of-the-art governance services, get the value you signed up for, resulting in improved service delivery, increased productivity and a fatter bottom line. Plus, ISG’s live, single-pane benchmarking tool allows you to proactively ensure your outsourcing contract stays competitive with the market.

We help the world's most respected communications, media and technology companies outrun the competition. Let us help you achieve operational excellence, sustainable growth and savings too.

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