Transform your existing information security into an agile and vigilant operation to protect your enterprise and minimize your risk of loss.

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How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and getting increasingly sophisticated by the day. Many companies around the world are facing a record number of data breaches and phishing attacks.

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Cybersecurity Strategy & Solutions

ISG understands the complexity of your organization and its partner ecosystem – which is why we take a holistic approach to bolstering your cybersecurity now and in the future. 

ISG can help you: 

  • Assess and benchmark security across your enterprise and ecosystem
  • Create a cybersecurity strategy, roadmap and framework 
  • Find and negotiate successful relationships with domain-specific security providers
  • Use third-party management and governance to ensure provider security, segregation of duties and compliance
  • Build and execute awareness and training campaigns
  • Perform vulnerability assessments and remediation activities
  • Establish a cybersecurity center of excellence and security communities of practice 
  • Enable transformation with a cybersecurity operations and management model

Cybersecurity Strategy & Assessments

In an increasingly connected economy, the importance of cyber security and risk management rises. You need to validate, re-orient and re-align your cybersecurity strategy.  

Assess your capabilities and maturity with an ISG assessment built off of industry-leading frameworks (e.g., NIST CSF, CIS Top 20, ISO) and market-leading benchmark data. We’ll help you baseline your maturity levels and develop transformational roadmaps to move up the maturity curve.

Sourcing Cybersecurity

Outsourcing cybersecurity tools and services on a stand-alone basis or as embedded services can be essential in times of scarce resources and increasing professional and advanced persistent threats. 

When sourcing operational services, your chosen partner’s compliance with your corporate information security controls, policies and standards impacts your cyber security’s resilience. Managing your transaction and transition means carefully segregating duties between your organization, your partner and its internal governance.

Transform your Cybersecurity with Digital Operations

Re-directed strategy, digitization approaches and sourcing of services and tools let you achieve the expected value leveraging holistically managed transformation measures. Digital tools and services improve efficiency and lower failure rates. End-to-end business processes and connected or digital products require extra-vigilant security protocols. 

ISG knows the market best practices. We’ll enable your successful digital transformation with a cyber security operations and management model. 


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Cybersecurity and Protecting the Supply Chain

Join ISG and our guest speakers as we explore the practical implications of the critical infrastructure legislation, capabilities essential to prevent attacks and insight into the changing nature of attacks globally and the impact on business insurance.

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