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De-risk and accelerate your digital transformation initiatives and financial outcomes with expert advisory on how to optimize your strategic software suppliers and ecosystems.

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Sourcing IaaS and PaaS: Looking Beyond Discounts

Learn how to understand your cloud consumption and create a financial management process to maximize on your spend.

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Maximize your Software Spend, Services & Benefits

Software is the largest area of IT expenditures for most enterprises today. Software, unique from other areas of spend, replaces other things and brings new capabilities to your organization.  Optimizing how you acquire, deploy, renew and govern software assets provides the agility needed for business transformation and transparency to control costs.

ISG’s Software Advisory practice leverages our unmatched market insights, research analytics and expertise in validating your architecture, requirements, bill of materials, utilization and compliance to help you to effectively reduce costs, manage software assets, mitigate software compliance risks and resolve software audit issues. 

ISG brings the objectivity, research and expertise across the digital ecosystem to help you rapidly realize the benefits of your software acquisitions and the digital transformations they enable.

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Accelerate Your Move to SAP S/4HANA

While thousands of companies need to upgrade their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to SAP S/4HANA over the next few years, most are not fully prepared to do so.

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Sourcing IaaS and PaaS – Looking Beyond Discounts

Learn how to identify oversights that cause overspending and increase transparency around determining your commitment compared into your consumption.

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Understanding Oracle’s Software Licensing and Best Practices For Negotiating with Oracle

Review Oracle’s licensing models and gain insights to Oracle’s negotiation practices and build and execute an effective sourcing and licensing strategy.

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Tips for Negotiating and Contracting with Oracle

Learn how to build and execute an effective sourcing and licensing strategy to deliver cost savings and risk avoidance.

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Top Strategies to Source and Contract with Microsoft in 2021

ISG’s software advisory experts discuss Microsoft 365 and its refresh of hosted user productivity offerings, Microsoft’s “last mile” of traditional perpetual software, and Windows Enterprise back from the “brink.”

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How to Build an Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) Program to Reduce Costs & Audits

When it comes to IT cost control, an underused discipline is Software Asset Management. Watch to learn what you need to know to drive more value out of your software investments.

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