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Helping you source and contract is who we are.

Our deep understanding of sourcing and the XaaS provider ecosystem informs and strengthens everything we do.

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ISG Sourcing Solutions

Beyond finding the ideal partner, contracting is a key strategic endeavor. ISG is the founder and leader of the sourcing advisory industry. We have advised on over $467 billion in sourcing deals – that’s $20 billion a year and growing. No one else can say that – and so no other advisory firm comes close to our level of market engagement and experience.


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Benefit from our Speed & Contracting Support

We can take you from idea to signed contract in under sixteen weeks. We can achieve this speed – unlike any of our competitors – because our unparalleled contractual data is the standard for sourcing contracts, thus reducing redlining and preempting lengthy negotiations. 

Our deep expertise allows us to advise on contracting with top tier and niche providers alike, drive collaborative solution building, and design and execute aggressive business cases. If you have unique requirements, we can rapidly create a custom methodology to achieve your goals. For renegotiations, ISG is positioned with unmatched, market-based contract data, strategies and recommendations to surpass your strategic and financial objectives.

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ISG FutureSource™

Our proven-comprehensive sourcing solution: flexible, fast, collaborative and built for you.

Qualitative Assessments

Assess your environment’s maturity and your satisfaction and readiness for change.

Financial Analysis

Optimize value and mitigate risk in your transactions with an expert read on the numbers.

Transition & Transformation

Address the challenges of a transition; build a strong foundation for partnership.


Solidify a strategy, agree on sourcing objectives and assess your scope and readiness.

ISG Blockchain Now™

Solve actual business problems with actionable business cases that drive value.

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