Our People


Lisa Borden


Lisa is part of an ISG team that provides business-to-business satisfaction measurement and benchmarking. She has led more than 200 research programs for companies across a range of industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics and Hospitality. A hallmark of Lisa’s approach is that the insights she produces drive real and measurable change for her clients, rejuvenating and remediating supplier relationships in some of the world’s largest organizations. Lisa developed the proprietary framework which forms the foundation of the ISG Business Relationship monitor and has successfully implemented this framework in organizations spanning Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. Lisa has a strong analytical capacity, which enables her to distil complex reports into succinct, actionable insight, backed by statistical rigor. She believes strongly in the power of statistical tools to deliver business insight and considers the presentation of findings as a dialogue and an opportunity to highlight the responsibility of both the supplier and the client in the success of engagements.