Globalization of RPO Continues: Wilson Human Capital Group Acquires CPH


Wilson Human Capital Group (HCG), a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, announced this week a merger with CPH, a UK-based RPO and long-time partner to Wilson HCG.

The acquisition is one in a series of RPO acquisitions undertaken to broaden global reach. PeopleScout acquired HRX (an RPO provider in Australia and New Zealand) in January 2014. AllegisTalent2 recently announced a rebranding of their combined organization to a single, integrated, global delivery model – Allegis Global Solutions – following their completion of the Talent2 buyout. Pinstripe and Ochre House turned a successful partnership into a leading global RPO model with their merger last summer.

“Not only is the market dictating a need for global capabilities from a single vendor model, but our clients expressed a need for further on-site and in-market support around the world,” CEO John Wilson said in a press release.

As more and more companies think globally, they are looking to RPO for global solutions to provide knowledge in expanding markets, create a common experience across geographies, achieve economies of scale and provide an integrated approach to governance. For RPO providers, centralizing a global model is seen as a key to growth.

Currently, Wilson HCG delivers a majority of its services within the U.S., with Canada and the U.K. making up the remaining share. With its acquisition of CPH, Wilson HCG will have increased capability in the U.K. and in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as in Australia. In addition to the complementary geographic footprint and client base, the merger also represents an alignment of vision, described by Wilson as a “natural cultural fit.” Wilson HCG is known for its consultative delivery approach and customized solutions, and CPH is known for its high-touch, client-focused delivery model.

Global RPO is becoming an increasingly viable option in mapping an organization’s footprint to that of RPO delivery capability. In ISG’s view, Wilson HCG has now become an alternative for current and prospective clients looking for multi-country solutions across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific and offers a good option to buyers seeking high-touch solutions. Though only a relatively short list of RPO providers today have a truly global operating model and structure, providers such as Wilson HCG are making significant investments to get there.

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