ISG Blockchain Now™ Podcast Episode 4: How to Succeed with Blockchain – the What, Why and Who


In this episode of the ISG Blockchain Now™ podcast, Alex Manders and Jason Stading talk with Kim Harrington of Bayer about her experience setting up a blockchain center of excellence (CoE). Harrington has been involved in emerging technology and innovation programs for several years, including leading the blockchain CoE at Bayer. She describes how she has worked with blockchain technology to find efficiencies in the way businesses in her industry interact with each other and shares her insight with the team on how to prioritize projects, who to involve and other factors that drive success. Listen in as they discuss her blockchain journey, her motivations and lessons learned.


About the authors

Recognized as a Top-Ten Innovator at Information Services Group (ISG), Alex-Paul Manders leads ISG's global Blockchain solutions line and also serves on ISG’s global Digital Leadership Council. Alex-Paul is a prominent industry thought leader on blockchain with hands-on technology experience and is sought out as a subject-matter expert presenter for university and conference presentations. In addition, Alex-Paul writes prolifically on blockchain and other relevant topics and has represented ISG in more than 40 articles featured in leading publications. Contact Alex-Paul at [email protected].

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As a Senior Consultant, Jason performs financial analysis, research and data analysis, data input and manipulation, validating and reviewing solutions. He utilizes the client and industry data to create comparative analysis and proposal templates. He works with clients to analyze and solve complex technology operations problems, preparation of base case analysis models, and the creation of assessments/strategy engagements.