Smart Manufacturing: The Growing Need for Flexibility in 2021


The manufacturing industry around the world is in the midst of digital transformation. The landscape as a whole is changing due to emerging requirements and the resulting shift toward local production.

ISG predicts seven major trends will shape the manufacturing industry in 2021.

A discussion of these seven market trends is followed by a discussion of trends affecting the industrial, automotive and hi-tech manufacturing sectors.

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About the authors

Henning Dransfeld is a thought leader regularly publishing on trends related to the mobile enterprise, the digital workspace and IoT markets. As an analyst, ICT strategist and go-to market expert he has developed deep insights into portfolio development and changing customer requirements. Through his experience as analyst and marketing strategist, he is in a strong position to support the definition and execution of go-to-market strategies for ICT services.

Avimanyu is a Team Lead (Research) in ISG India operations,  bringing over 9 years of experience in market research and consulting. At ISG, Avi’s focus is on the disruptive technologies and innovations pertaining to enterprise networks and engineering and R&D practices.