Establishing an RPA Center of Excellence in Financial Services



Having successfully completed a proof of concept, this well-known global credit card processing company wanted to implement the RPA Center of Excellence (COE) and rapidly scale up its RPA implementation. 
As an organization, the intent was to leverage the RPA software to repurpose employees from routine, repetitive work that better uses their intelligence and talent.  The client had a successful experience during the proof of concept with ISG and wanted to leverage its deep automation experience to support this next phase of their RPA program implementation, including launching the COE.
Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG brought best practices, procedures and techniques for establishing a COE and RPA development. The engagement included: 

  • Automating processes across shared services
  • Preparing and delivering an IT strategy to install, support and maintain the RPA software
  • Designing the RPA COE/operating model, followed by training for its leaders and setting up the COE
  • Hands on training in RPA software and automation life best practices for configuring the automated processes

Future Made Possible

Benefits to the client included:

  • COE launched and leveraged ISG procedures and practices to avoid “reinventing the wheel”
  • RPA software installed according to vendor specifications, tested and operational
  • Finance: average 80% improvement in productivity and time savings
  • HR:  average 75% reduction in time required to process work previously competed by humans
  • IT: Reduced process time by 90% for selected automated processes