The ISG Digital Learning Platform

The industry’s only learn-by-doing intelligent automation enablement platform.

Compress the learning curve and scale your automation initiative

The ISG Digital Learning Platform combines online instruction with hands-on, feedback-driven labs and expert-level human instruction. You’ll be able to:


  • Follow self-paced, guided lessons and labs to develop proficiency and expertise
  • Build automations in real-world scenarios with instant grading and feedback
  • Personalize enablement with our RPA experts
  • Assess team engagement and performance via built-in data and analytics
  • Access the platform via the web anywhere in the world

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The ISG Digital Learning Platform expands the supply of capable bot builders, builds resiliency in your automations, enables citizen development, deepens expertise and curbs opportunities costs for on-prem training. It’s the number one resource for organizations that want to become self-sufficient.

increase in output
reduction in build costs with higher quality and less rework

Review with speed and confidence

The ISG Code Quality Analyzer helps you improve code for increased throughput

  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual reviews
  • Drive consistency and efficiency in development practices
  • Improve governance and control
  • Validate implementation partner output
  • Reinforce best practices and standards

Our powerful roles engine supports unlimited scenarios to evaluate against best practices, internal standards, risk and security considerations. Review every line of code against every rule created. By seeing the entire automation through a single pane of glass, you will eliminate the need to open many windows and wizards for each review. Rule definitions include expected intervention so developers can fix simple issues earlier in the process. Integrating automated reviews bolsters governance and control and allows you to go faster.

Learning Environment

Compress and improve the user learning curve to drive greater velocity

  • Hands-on continuous learning using real-world scenarios
  • "Learn by doing" graded lab and simulation environments
  • Expert support via moderated forum and office hours
  • Globally available in multiple languages

Games Arena

Stimulate interest, awareness and engagement

  • Competition platform
  • Cater to audience type with "exec to tech" difficulty levels
  • Earn badges and coins for milestones and performance
  • Real-time results and updates on global leaderboard

Virtual Sandbox

Eliminate common barriers and accelerate time to purchase & adoption

  • Zero-install, zero-IT cloud access to full learning environment
  • Instant demos with pre-built automations on common 3rd party apps: SAP, Citrix, Terminal Emulators, MS Office, PDF...
  • Perform remote proofs of concept (POC)

Code Quality Analyzer

Faster reviews + better code - less rework = increased bot throughput

  • Review automation code for adherence to best practices
  • Automate and accelerate identification of typical code issues
  • Rules engine allows infinite customizations
  • Enforce consistency, streamline COE code review processes and reinforce good habits

Three glide paths toward enablement:

We can do it for you.
We can do it with you.

We can help you do it yourself.

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